Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Every now and then I fall apart

So. I have tried to be really positive and excited about my new adventure that is about to start. Mostly, I have had no reason not to be positive. Life has been pretty easy up until a few weeks ago concerning my entire moving to England experience, almost too easy. But then some bumps started happening.
My laptop, Ronald, started losing his mind. So I had sent him to the laptop doctor. Okay fine though a bit difficult to get things done without having my own laptop around.
I still had not heard from my financial people from school to get my loan. Okay still 9 weeks to go. No biggie. Except I cannot get my visa approved without the money to back it. SIGH. Now that is a problem. That has a time crunch.
Long story short, our president put in a lot of new rules about getting loans so it is causing MAJOR back ups. Which equals ruining my life. Okay. That was dramatic. Not ruining my life. But really causing my faith to be stretched.
But I know without a doubt God is the one in control. Thank goodness. Otherwise I would truly fall apart. Yes, I have my moments of doubt, but overall I am way less stressed then those close to me would expect. God will and is providing a way and making me stronger for when I am truly on my own in a new country.
I am so thankful to Him for His wisdom and for giving me my wonderful parents and fabulous friends to listen to me freak out or make me laugh or get me to watch some show to get my mind off things.
So. In conclusion. Any prayer is incredibly appreciated and valued. I know things will work out for the greater good and hope I can keep my head while it is all panning out.
As of right now, my laptop is in intensive care and likely will not make it to England, so anyone know of good deals let me know.
There are a few options with the money/visa situation, but nothing is for sure, and still waiting on the loan.