Friday, July 16, 2010

Men of Summer (Reading Edition)

Well. I have had LOTS of time to do one of my favorite pastimes... reading! Yes I know you are all shocked by this. But really, I love to read because I get so attached to the characters. And because I get so attached I tend to read books repeatedly. There is always something new to read.
This summer, I have re-read most all of my favorite stories. So although this list may change later on, this is my list of favorite men and why.

5. Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice- Of course he has to be on my list. He is sexy because he is so smoldery and takes care of all Lizzie's family drama just because he loves her. I know some may think that it is crazy that he is last on my list. I think part of it may be because I like being different, and also in rebellion to others thinking him the best of all. (You know who you are.)

4. Ian of The Host - I know many people may not know who he is, and if you have never have read this book, I recommend it. It is kinda weird at the beginning but it gets really great. And Ian is delightful. At first he is B.A. (who doesn't love a bad boy?), then falls in love and will do anything for his lady. No. Matter. What. So wonderful.

3. Peeta of Hunger Games - Wow. He is just wonderful. Mostly because he is just so deeply in love with Katniss. Even if she is so daft not to see it or accept it. I think maybe I appreciate this story so much because I have a sneaking suspicion that may be how mine goes... I mean not the killing games and revolution. But the not realizing a man has fallen for me. And Peeta, though so sweet, also becomes a MAN when he needs to be. Sexy. (PS I know he is supposed to be quite young in the books, but in my mind he is my age.)

2. Edward Cullen of Twilight Saga - Do I really need to explain this one? I will anyway. I know the movies have kinda made him giggle-worthy. But take it back to the books. He is so alluring and enchanting. And once again we throw in the danger factor. Ups the game quite a bit. Never has a character made me so fluttery the first read though. Enough said.

1. Gilbert Blythe of Anne of Green Gables series- Oh Gilbert. You were and always be my first book love. From the 1st book to the last he is adorable through the rest of the books where he grows up, never ceasing in his love for Anne. And one of the best attributes is the sense of humor. He is faithful, a great father, funny, sexy, intelligent, the list goes on. What more can I say?

After typing this out, I see a pattern. A man that constantly loves his woman through everything = extremely attractive. Sigh. I will find my own Gilbert someday, soon even. Until then, I will enjoy my men in books. Who are your favorites?