Friday, July 9, 2010


I figured I need a July post. So here I am attempting to write something interesting. But let's be honest here. I am not that interesting quite yet. I do not have much to do these days that are worthy to share. Unless you people like to read about me cleaning out my junk and trying get a bunch of paperwork done so they let me into England come September.

I spent the month of June being a part-time nanny for 2 little boys. It was fine. Nice to have the money, but I am glad to have my evenings back. To do what, you ask? Who knows. But still good.

Okay, so here are the goals before I leave:
-Get my car all taken care of before I leave (check)
- Pack up school stuff and store it (check)
-Clean out my room (check)
- Get my VISA (check)
- Go through clothes and get rid of what is not needed (check)
-Scrapbook all my random pictures (check)
-Finish the entire LOST season with Kim.....LOL. (check)
-Awesome trip to Disneyland and Craig Ferguson Show with Jacqui, Nikki, and Lindsay (check)
And I think that is about it.....remind me if I forgot anything.

Now maybe I should have goals for when I DO get there..... Please I need suggestions for this:
-See as many shows as I possibly can
-Go on adventures with Lissa
-Get a Master's degree
-Visit at least 3 other countries
-Make friends with people from different parts of the world
-Go on a date with a foreigner
Any other ideas? I will do it, if at all possible......

Okay, got some good ideas from my awesome posse:
- Master the tube (this will be a feat for me since I get confused with geography)
- Do a Sound of music tour
- Go to all the touristy places in London I did not get to when I went a year ago
- Get told I am "cheeky" by an English person