Monday, November 22, 2010

Laughter is the best medicine

So here is just a funny story I want to remember.
This past weekend I visited London to visit Lissa (for those of you who do not know her, she is fabulous. We grew up together and she has been living in London for the past 2 years). I wanted to visit her because she is leaving for good in a month and I wanted a chance to hang out with her here one more time before she left me. Also, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows just came out and I figured it would be awesome to see in in London. But I digress. Here is my story of my ridiculous weekend.

I got up at 5:30 AM to catch my 6:45 bus to London. Whew! Have not been up that early since I got here. Whatever, worth it. The bus ride there was pretty uneventful. I got to Victoria Station at around ten. It took so long because it stops at a lot of places, also it is the cheapest route. But what do I care I have my ipod Elphaba and a Sawyer my nook. Lissa picked me up, got a Starbucks and off we went to her place to pick up her brother who was visiting and drop my stuff off.

So we went and got our tickets for the movie. One thing I like about the cinema situation here, when you buy your tickets you pick your seat and so there is no standing in line for hours just to end up in the front row with a neck ache, ahem *twilighttrilogytragedy*. And we were hungry by then so we decided to go eat and Lissa had the perfect place. A all you can eat Indian Food buffet. Sounds good. It was not until we were almost there that Lissa mentions that it is vegetarian...... ummm hold up. Stephen (her bro) and I were not having any of this. Lissa claimed it was really good and only 4 pounds (that is money not what you gain after eating there). Ok, can't argue with that price for all you can eat in London town. I will admit it was quite good. Except for the fact that they were trying to pass off orange slices as dessert. I ain't no fool. That was not happening. Lissa promises amazing milkshakes later. She is really walking on thin ice here. She had better deliver or there will be blood, or chocolate to calm me.

We still had quite a bit of time till the movie so we walked through a beautiful park, I think it was called the Queen Regent Park. Nothing too exciting to report. We found a little hedgehog off on his own adventure. He was adorable.... Okay, fast-forward to the movie. Oh, and we did get the milkshakes. We had great seats and though I was fighting exhaustion, I was so excited. I will not talk about the movie here for those who have yet to see it. But there was some major *expletives* male-children that ruined the movie for everyone else. They were loud and being obnoxious during very critical moments. If there had not been children there, nor my wariness of not wanting to disturb others even more, I would have gone down there and cut some fools up. Show them what a real American can be like. Oh well, we all know I will see the movie again. We went to dinner, a burger place to satisfy our need for flesh and discussed the movie and how the fools should be punished. Went home, and went to bed.

Next day was quite a bit quieter in the morning/afternoon. Lissa took Stephen to the airport and I chilled at her place. Lovely. We were planning on going to a live show that night but decided nothing was playing that was worth all that money and trouble on a Saturday night. So went to see a movie we had tried seeing awhile ago but it never worked out. FF again to after the movie. One of the most hilarious things I have ever seen in awhile. We are waiting for the bus, it is around 10:30 ish. And some man walking by leans up against Lissa and sniffs all the way up her hair and hat. Ummmm. What do you do for that?????? She thought someone just bumped into her. I tried for 10 minutes to explain what he did but I was laughing so hard I couldn't get the words out between cackles and tears rolling down my face. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??! I thought Americans were slightly off kilter. Well the rest of the night was spent eating pizookies made out of chocolate chocolate chip dough and chocolate ice cream (I know early on-set diabetes is coming for me) and being absolutely ridiculous that does not need to be recorded here. But my abs did hurt and get worked out from laughter after that night.

The next day I get to Victoria Station and have to wait 4 hours till my bus leaves since Lissa had to go to church. No problem. Got a couple presents for my peeps and read. Finally got on the bus at 4:30 and I am to get back to Bath at 8. No problem.......ugh not. Long story short, lots of delays, and I am back at 10 after 5 1/2 hours on a bus. Lame. Oh well. Life goes on. I shower the germs off me, catch up on a few shows and pass out.

Now it is Monday and I am flying back home in a week. Good times. Glad to know, when friendships are for real, you can get a good belly laugh anytime, anywhere,or ridiculous things. I am expecting to do that with a few of you when I get home. I love being able to be myself totally and someone get it and we have a delightful time. I am coming AZ friends. Prepare yourself.