Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Ok, so I have realized in the past few months with talking with friends and meeting new ones that people view me in a very interesting way. Most are nice, a few surprising but one thing I have noticed is a common theme that people see in me.
The nice way to put it is that I am unique. Other words that have been used are special, odd, quirky, crazy, funny, different, and my favorite.... eccentric. They all make me laugh.

I have shared before that I have sometimes struggled with my self-esteem. Well this is one area I do not have a problem with. I have no qualms flying, as they say, my freak flag. I do not know why I so comfortable with it, but struggle with showing my emotions or looks. Here are some of the things that have gotten me classified as quirky:
  • I try to make ALL of my clothes match, down to my chonies. The chonies do not HAVE to, but I like them to, but outside clothes MUST match.
  • I re-read all of my books over and over.
  • I do not eat most pork products.
  • I relate and get attached to book/tv/movie characters.
  • I am obsessed with and can memorize a musical after watching 2 times usually (if I like it).
  • My secret (not really) dream is to be a musical performer.
  • I am constantly making up stories in my head about my friends and me when I am bored, like in a meeting.
  • Along with the above one, my absolute favorite and I think my best freak flag, is that in my mind it is a constant music video/story that I am continuously adding to all day and night long. I am in a continual dream world.
I have other not so fun ones. But those are boring and kinda serious, and I am not in a serious kind of mood at the moment.
I am also an observer of people and truly believe we ALL have some oddities. Some are ashamed of them. And I am here to encourage you all to embrace the "funny" things about you. That is what makes you who are. I want to know, if anyone wants to share their quirks. Let that freak flag fly baby!

Thought of another one.....
  • I name everything that has some sort of significance to me (electronics, maladies, etc....). For example, my camera's name is Nigel after the photographer Nigel Barker and my bunion in named Paul, you can figure that one out on your own.....