Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 things you MIGHT not know about me

Alright Vi, finally doing this.......
Like Kim said, all my close peeps, likely will know these things, but I will try to dig deep and think of something...

10. I have a problem getting my hands sticky/dirty/messy. I do not know if it is an OCD thing, but I CANT handle my handle being dirty. To the point where I will not eat finger foods, even though I love them (ie wings). If my hands do get messy I have to instantly clean them or will be distracted till they are clean.

9. Biggest physical turn off for me is bad teeth. Well not even turn off since it bothers me if girls have it too. A gap kills me, stained dark, or really bad crookedness, just can't handle. A little crooked, not a big deal. But serious issues????? Nope, can't do it.

8. Went to a weird charter school freshman year in High School.

7. Was an R.A. 2 years in college.

6. I have a geographic tongue. Nothing worrisome, just weird looking.

5. I have never been on a real date in my adult life. (Had a boyfriend in High School, but we broke up right before my 18th and have not had an official date with a man since. Probably time to make up for lost time).

4. I have lipoma (ask me what it is), and not to be confused with lymphoma.

3. I can memorize a song after listening to it 2 or 3 times.

2. I really only eat dessert if they have chocolate in them. Sometimes fruit pies are okay, but mostly it has to have to be a significant amount of chocolate to be worth it to me.

1. There is always a constant stream of music videos, stories, and musical numbers going on in my head. Like ones I make up, not replaying real ones. You can ask me what my current one is, I may or may not tell you what it is depending on how embarrassing/ridiculous it is.