Monday, January 31, 2011

An Inspiration

Well, amazingly I have a few minutes before I head back over to Bath. And I was thinking last night about a blog I want to do. I just do not know how to get started. But I will do my best.

There is a lady in my life that has been an inspiration to me from the moment I met her. Actually there are many ladies like that. But there is one, especially in the last few days, that has amazed me beyond belief. It is my friend Faye. For as long as I have known her she has always been so positive even though she has had her share of troubles. One of those times came recently. Because of some health issues Faye ended up in the hospital last week. And I had the opportunity to go and visit her and her darling husband, Lin. I will be honest, I am not a fan of hospitals. But I had to go see Faye, because she is one of my favorite people. I did not know what to expect when I got there since the day before she had been asleep most of the day. But when I got there, I was pleasantly surprised. She was awake, chatty, and sassy, just the way I like her, and anybody for that matter. We talked for awhile and it just blew me away how content and positive she was. And she had not even eaten in days! Heaven knows if I had not eaten in days I would be biting and cutting people. She told us about how she knows God is taking care of her and she is reading her Bible all day. And through that she inspired a nurse to get back to reading her Bible to keep her encouraged. This happens all the time for Faye. Just by living her life and being a light people motivated to seek Christ. I am amazed. I feel like if I were in her spot I would be so negative and frustrated. But Faye just keeps going and trusts God is taking care of her. I know I would forget that too easily. I hope I can take this lesson from her and whatever life throws at me I can still stay positive and trust in God.

So, as I was thinking about Faye and her and how I really aspire to at least be a little like her. Not only does she have this unshakable faith in God, but she also is real and sassy. I know she is always game for a good long chat and laugh. As I was thinking all this I also thought about how I believe we do not tell those that inspire or bless us often enough. So, I decided to write this about her. And my challenge to those who care to take it, write or tell someone about how they have inspired you. People do not hear often enough about how they have blessed or inspired others. But we need to be more adamant about sharing with those what they mean to us.

Faye, I love you and am inspired by you. I pray I can be as positive as you whatever comes my way in life. God has truly blessed me with your friendship.