Friday, June 24, 2011

Ireland Day 3 and 4

I am going to out the last 2 days in Ireland because I do not want to bore anyone. So the next day we went to explore Dublin. We had been told that the Guinness Storehouse was a must see, so it was first on our list.
I am gonna be honest here folks. Was not impressed. I mean the building was cool I guess. But the whole tour was all about Guinness. Now I expected that but I could not care less about beer. And we also got a free pint at the end. GROSS. I was looking forward to the end of the tour because we end up at the top of the tallest building in Dublin and get to see the city in a 360 degree view. That is awesome... except, there were no less than 5 million people in there and being a leprechaun in my home country I could not see. And it was hot. So it was kinda a bust. Oh well, we did it.
The rest of the day we walked around until our dinner at the oldest pub in Dublin and storytelling of the old country. That was pretty cool. I love listening to Irish people talk and the stories are interesting too. The food was good too. But, Nikki and I were put at a table with all middle-aged to older couples. Delightful. There was the Welsh couple that was celebrating their 50th anniversary, quite reserved and proper as good English people would do. Then the non-Englsih speaking couple that utter barely a word all night. Then the middle-aged couple from New York, he made annoying cynical comments all night thinking it was hilarious and she had this voice that no grown woman should posses. It is a wonder the dogs did not come barreling into the pub when she spoke. And then the final couple was THAT couple. You know who I mean. A middle-aged couple that has to be everyone's friend. Talking like we have known each other for ages and making a big deal about it. Granted, they were nice, he had been a principal and loved that Nikki and I were teachers. He even hugged us at the end saying he felt like we were his daughters. But it was a nice time, nonetheless. Off to the Castle for some beauty rest.

The next day we planned on exploring the little town our Castle was in..... well it took a grand total of 45 minutes to see all of Dalkey. Cute little Town, reminded me of Star's Hollow from Gilmore Girl's. But even still, not a lot to do. That was with a Book Fair in town.... So we walked around, explored, etc. Then headed back to the Castle to explore it.

The rest of the day we explored the Hotel, relzxed and got fancy for our dinner that night at the Dungeon Bar and Grill. It was delightful. And I am pretty sure we had a reputation from that first night that had preceded us. The night before we had gone in the hot tub. We had to drop of our room key with a lady attendant and when we came back we did not have to tell the new guy behind the counter who we were. "515?" he asks while looking not at my face. Ahem. "Yes..." Anyways, dinner was lovely. And we found it odd that no less than 3 different waiters helped serve us. LOL, it is nice being the only young women around.

The next day was a travel day and back to Bath we got at one am. But not after our flight was delayed and hour and we missed our first bus and had to take an EXPENSIVE taxi ride to the bus station. But the driver was very friendly and gave us the history if Bristol. He particularly liked Nikki. Seemed to be the theme of this trip. Ok, back in Bath. London the next day. I may not write about it. It hurts my feelings too much. Ugh, what a rough day. Maybe I will give you bullet points.