Friday, June 17, 2011

Ireland- Day Two

Today we have a set tour in Wicklow. And the bus is picking us up at 10:30. We get up and ready to go. Get on the bus and head off with the adorable tour guide Stephen (there really is something about that Irish accent). He was talking non-stop about history but I was just listening to the Irish brogue. It was beautiful landscape but it was hardcore raining all day! I love rain but it did make taking pictures a bit difficult. We stop a small sandwich place for lunch. I stupidly get coffee to warm myself up. Next stop we have a wilderness walk. So we walk through the dense forestry and with ever creek, river or waterfall my bladder is getting fuller and more difficult to not think about needing the restroom. Now, I do not know if you have ever been in a situation when you are on a trip and not sure when the next bathroom break is... but it has not been a great time in the past for me. So I am getting more worried as the walk goes on and Nikki keeps trying to convince me to find a bush... ahem. I am not a nature type of girl, so I hold out hope the walk will end soon. Then I see a sign for a Info center, thinking they will have a bathroom. When we finally get there it is closed for lunch (even though it is 2:30, rude). So I am panicking inside thinking there will be no potty breaks till we get back to Dublin in an hour and a half. So I give in. I see a big tree, Nikki stands guard (though not very well) and I take care of business. So somewhere in the Irish countryside, I own a tree. Then we walk no more than 5 minutes to where we are to meet the bus, and behold a civilized bathroom. Sigh, oh well. It is done.
We ride the bus back and get off in Dublin. Walk around a bit and decide to head back to Killiney, where the Castle is. We ask and get on the train though I am not convinced it is the correct one. Finally we do get to Killiney Station and get directions..... FF to 20 minutes later, Nikki and I huffing and puffing up a giant hill. No words for that walk. It went on forever. We finally got to a little restaurant and ate dinner. Then, we walk a bit more and get to the hotel. And here I am, telling the world about my ridiculous and embarrassing day. Yet, still having a good time. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.