Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ireland-Day One

Day One
Well, here we go. We got up on Thursday, got ready and headed to the bus station to get to Bristol Airport. Had a bit of an embarrassing moment when we almost got off at the wrong stop. But got to the Station and delightfully ran into my friend Lizzie. Also had to spend 20p to use the bathroom. Finally got to the Bristol Airport. And, once again, got pulled out and padded down at security. Also, RyanAir is lame. They only let you bring ONE carry-on. Including a purse, camera, etc. And we did not want to pay 40 Euro to check a bag. So much hassle though. The flight was 2.5 seconds and we got to the Dublin Airport to find the Coach to take us to the Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. It was raining giant drops, we are definitely in Ireland. Got to the Castle, and it really is gorgeous. A delightful lad named Conor checked us in while we checked him out. So charming, or maybe it was just the accent.
We got up to the room and settled in. We realized there was no food places around and were so tired we decided to get room service..... Since we had had fast food for lunch we decided to go fresher for dinner by ordering the smoked salmon, with a salad and brown bread. Talk to mom on Skype while waiting and also get comfortable (ie put my hot pants on, and take off my bra). *knock knock*. Nikki answers the door since I am not appropriate for receiving guests..... except. He comes right on in with our food and I see him and scurry to hide under the covers, but.... he saw me. So he takes forever getting our food ready and it is SO AWKWARD because it is silent and Nikki and I are trying not to laugh. He leaves, and as he does I look and see him having to deliberately step over my bright red bra and jeans that I had left on the floor..... *CACKLE*. Oops. So we are so hungry we get our food after laughing for awhile, except.... the salmon is cold, and slimy. WHAT!? Apparently that is how fancy people eat it. But we had to eat it since it was not cheap and we were hungry. Thank goodness for the bread, that helped get it down. We decided to splurge and get dessert in a bit to help with the hunger. But we want to explore a bit. So I get appropriate and we head down.
Looked around the gorgeous hotel excited for future activities. Then we run into Conor again. (okay, maybe we go and sit down to talk to him since we need to find out how to get to the train station tomorrow to get to Dublin). We told Conor what we are doing and he told us to hold a minute while he makes a call to get us picked up at the Castle. While he is on the phone another worker walks up to him to tell him something.... it is the lad from room service. He looks at us and just nods, obviously recognizing us from before. He leaves and we get major church giggles (you know, the kind you usually get in church and can't stop. When I look at Nikki she just shakes her head no and refuses to look at me) Conor gets off the phone and we are trying not to laugh. He asks if we are tired and we just say yes. He got us our pick-up so we can sleep in 2 extra hours the next day (YES!!!!!!!). We get back to the room, talk to Nikki's family, fun but we realize too late it is past the time to order dessert. Oh well. Off to bed after talking to Jacqui on Skype.... To Be Continued.