Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Bus Driver Phenomenon

Ok, I think I need to write a blog about this weird phenomenon that has gone on while living in England. It is mostly ridiculous, but a little off-putting as well.
I am sure anyone who knows me, knows I struggle with self-esteem about my physical appearance. I do not know why, but I have always been like that. I have a hard time believing men find me attractive when there were so many other better looking girls around. I have gotten better as I have gotten older, but I admit I sometimes still think the reason I am still alone is because men do not think I am attractive. Well, I think I am not allowed to think that anymore. I am not allowed to think I am completely unattractive anymore after these silly bus drivers (though mostly offensive, and all unwanted) attention.
It started when I came back to Bath after the Christmas holidays. I took the National bus service to Bath. The ride is a few hours so the bus driver has to take a 20 minute break. During this break most people get off the bus for a snack, but after traveling for almost an entire day I opted to stay in the bus. The driver came over and started talking to me. Okay, no big deal. Then he starts asking me questions, personal ones... it turned into "So you live in Bath? How long will you? I come to Bath all the time..." Hinting towards wanting to hang out. Ummm 1st of all sir, "REALLY?!" You are like 40. 2nd, I have been on a plane 11 hours, waiting in the bus station for another 3, and now been on a bus for 2 hours. I am sure I am not at my cutest or freshest. But apparently the heart wants what it wants. I ran away when dropped off before more talking could commence. He does not live in Bath so I was not worried.
The only other time I had an encounter with this bus service is when my friends and I went to London to see Wicked. Our bus driver (a different one) came through to check we had seat belts on. When he came to me he did the gross up-down look and said something rude about how I could wear my seat belt more comfortably..... (in reference to Ron and Harry). UGH.
But then come the Blue Bus Drivers. I shake my head. The Blue Bus is the local bus service I take to go up to work/school. So needless to say, they see me often since I ride it almost everyday. Not only that, quite a few of them come into my shop and since I am always behind the counter I've often served them. Well one in particular took a liking to me. He would often tell me I was "gorgeous" and ask all kinds of questions about me. Nothing too daunting. Then. He had asked how old I was in the beginning of June and I told him I would be 26 next week. Whenever he picked me up he never charged me and even dropped me off right in front of my building (which is not allowed). And actually that started happening with quite a few of the drivers since they saw me a lot. Who am I to argue? Then the Friday I came to work and my boss brought me to the stock room to show me something. Apparently, the day before, when I was not working, the one bus driver that liked to talk to me had brought a huge and very nice bouquet of flowers. HOW EMBARRASSING! I was mortified. So thankful I had not had been there when he brought them in. I also realized I had ridden the bus with him that morning and said nothing since I did not know....oops. But I kept wondering if I gave him any indication of my interest. My friend Rich assured me I had not, but still so mortifying. When he came in that day I thanked him and that is it. Sigh.
Then the other Blue Bus driver. This one is a bit more gross. He has a reputation of hitting on the girls at the University, and unfortunately I was no exception. I had already decided I did not like him because he was so rude and awful to my friend. And supposedly he is married. YUCK! But he still tried his darndest with me. He even proposed some pretty offensive things, not knowing he would get shut down by me. So needless to say I have been adamantly avoiding riding the bus for awhile.
But, I had to get up to campus today, and still had my bus card since they never punch it when I get on....Okay. Well, the flower BD picked me up. I said hi and sat down. No big deal. I did my errands on campus and settled down in the Student Union to study a bit. Except. A little while later guess who walks in on his lunch break???? So he sat down next to me, but I intensely studied my book. It worked for awhile but I had to acknowledge him after awhile. So I was nice and we talked. He was fine. No uncomfortable moments. Except when the darling coffee guy from next door came over to chat and the BBD made a comment about me staying in Bath to be with a rich bus driver. Ignore.
Then, after he left I had to head home. I waited till he left, but then guess who was walking up on his break? Gross, inappropriate bus driver. He stopped me to chat. I snuck in the fact I am a Christian and I think he got the point he was not getting anywhere with me. Peace. Out.
Anyways, I did not write this to tell you all how awesome and desirable I am. But more to laugh at the crazy coincidence of bus drivers loving them some Linds. And also to remind myself that 1st of all, I am an attractive girl and could have a fella if I really wanted one. 2ndly, that a good man is worth waiting for. I forget both of those things often. I hope I do not forget. Even if I do, I will have to come back here to remind myself.
In the end, I saved at least 10 pounds in money riding the bus, got some nice flowers and compliments. Sorry, bus drivers of England, I am outta here in 2 weeks. Don't forget me. Actually, I would prefer if you did.