Friday, July 1, 2011


Well, I do not think I have ever been as tired as I was the day I got to Scotland. I was supposed to meet Emily at Gatwick London Airport at 1:15 am, Thursday, June 30. But because of some unfortunate circumstances Emily had to meet me in Glasgow at noon that day. Because my flight from London was so early there was no other options to get there at a different time. So I got this genius idea. Go to bed normally on Tuesday night (12ish) and get up at 4 am to talk with my T-group ladies, do some homework, and sleep from 12- 8. That way when my train leaves at 10 pm and I could handle staying up till 2pm the next day when we check in to Glasgow. Ummm, FAIL. I slept maybe 2 hours Tuesday night. Then, could not sleep Wednesday afternoon. Oh well.

Got my train to Reading at 10 pm. Changed trains to Redhill at 11:35. Changed trains to Gatwick at 12:35 am. Got to Gatwick around 1 am. Already want to die from 4 hours of sleep the night before. SIGH. There were people everywhere laying down and I finally found a spot, but could not sleep. So... what is a girl to do? Watch a Disney movie, of course (Princess and the Frog.) After that, I walked around, got another coffee, and watched scenes from Chicago (Me digs, Taye Diggs). It was 5 am, I hated life. My flight left at 7:55 am. 3 hours still. I checked in anyway. Problem was, the tickets were in Emily's name, and although she had called before they did not want to let me through without the credit card. You can imagine what I looked like at this point..... so I just stared her down with my stank eye. She says "I am really not supposed to do this...." I do not respond verbally. Let's just say, I got through. At this point, I am so more than exhausted I could not even read or listen to music, or watch a movie. I just sat in Gatwick Airport staring off in the abyss.

Finally, I get on the plane and pass out for an hour. Got to Glasgow Airport at 9:30 am on Thursday and set to wait for Emily who was supposed to get in at 12:30. She got in and we looked the same tired-wise. Got to the hotel and PASSED OUT for a few hours. Went to dinner at a cute place next door since we no energy to go farther. Came and slept the night away (possibly after watching some guilty please tv = Kardashians... classy). New blog on first day in Glasgow soon.....