Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Well, can I just say I Heart Scotland. I can not explain it. I loved Italy and Ireland, but there was something about Scotland that made it a bit magical. It could have been because two of my kinda famous crush's are from there (Stephen and Craig). Maybe the delightful accents. Or because there was not one local I talked to that was not above and beyond friendly.
After catching up on sleep, Emily and I got up on Friday and went exploring. Glasgow is such a walkable city, which was also great. We visited museums (which are free), one that was religious. It was interesting to see how they portray all the religions, especially Christianity. Made me think, in a good way, to get the outside view. Anyway, a nice day.

Saturday we had booked a tour of the Highlands, including castles, lochs, and gorgeous landscape. The only problem with that day was it was exceptionally hot that day (high 70's) and since that is rare, there is no A/C. And if you know me, you know I love me some air-conditioning. With it being a bit warm with no A/C and winding van-driving my stomach was not so good. But I got through it. Our tour guide was nice and I loved that he kept saying "wee" about everything. I want to incorporate that into my vocabulary. There was also an obnoxious man in our group but I just avoided him at all costs. That night we went to authentic Scottish cuisine, Pizza Hut. Okay, really I had been craving decent pizza for ages and so I asked Emily if we could go there. JACKPOT. On their dessert menu a Pizookie. Ummm, I am saying it. It is official. Pizookie is my favorite dessert of all time. (If you do not know what a Pizookie is, you have not truly lived and we will go out together to experience it).

Anyway, Sunday, Emily woke up with a cold so we laid around for a bit and tried going out, but she did not last more than an hour. So we came back to the hotel and I went and explored a little by myself. Found a bus station to get to the airport tomorrow. Scouted out food places nearby since I was pretty sure Emily would not be up for going out. Got some meds for Emily, sweets for me and started back to the hotel. But then. Bob. This random guy stopped me to tell me I was good looking and proceeded to try and get my digits. Ummmm, awkward. My thoughts throughout this: No thanks. I am not from here so no phone that works (not true). My email? Nah. No really, long distance does not work. You live in London, but are from Ghana? Still no go. UGH. Leave me alone. I do not have a pen or paper. Type it in to your blackberry? Fine..... Proceed to give a fake email. I am not sure how much he liked me or my pretty passport being from the States. Either way. I escaped.

Get back to the hotel, research food options. Order Chinese and chill the rest of the night since Emily is down for the count. We flew back to London Monday the 4th of July. And I may or may not have work my patriotic sparkly headband with USA on it in the airport, on the plane and on the train home. All in the United Kingdom, from whom we won our freedom. AHAHAHA. Such a cheeky rascal, I know.

I wish I had gotten to stay longer. I loved it. You should go. I will come too.