Friday, January 31, 2014

Make a Difference

So this one might sound a little preachy.  But if you know me, you know that is not my intention.  I have just had this crazy idea that I believe could be beneficial for all mankind.  Yeah.  For real.

Let's start off with the rough stuff.  People are mean.  Yes.  It is true.  Even when they do not mean to be.  Ok, to be fair, maybe I should say that people are not kind.  Maybe that is better since many times people do not go out of their way to be mean (although that happens to my utter disbelief).  But I am not here to whine about mean people.  They are who they are.  They need Jesus.  I can't change them.

But I do have a voice to say how I think we can do better to fight against the difficult life we sometimes lead.  You know that is true!!  Life can suck sometimes.  Jobs get old, we feel unappreciated, friends hurt us, we lose ones we love, expectations are dashed.  That is just what happens in a fallen world.  But I am not here to dwell on that.  But rather talk about something that I think we could do better.  I have been thinking on it a while and I got the final push to write about this when I woke up this morning.  I will explain in a little bit.

Here is what I think we need to get better at as a species.  Actually saying and showing how we appreciate and love others.  I know it sounds simple.  But I am telling you.  As a person who loves and sees people clearly (see previous blog), it does not happen nearly as often as it should.  I bet anything you have experienced it.  Going through life, feeling like a failure, that no one cares about you.  Maybe it is just me, although I doubt it.  But one little SINCERE (that is key) kind word from someone else can change a person's whole day.  It is not that we do not feel love and appreciation for others.  We just rarely say it.  Whether we assume they already know or maybe are embarrassed to get "smooshy" with someone.  But in the end,  more often than not, a kind word can change a person's view.

I have often thought about how as a society, we tend to focus on the negative.  We know it is true.  And I am not saying it is to be ignored.  Not at all.  Believe me, I do not think life should be looked at through rose-colored glasses and everything is sunshine and rainbows.  But maybe we could add a little more love and hope to counter the difficult stuff we deal with in life.  I started thinking about this even more a few weeks ago when singing a worship song.  Not that the song was underappreciating me. AHA!  But the song was talking about asking God to break our hearts for what breaks His.  Amazing.  I pray for that.  We need to not be wrapped up in ourselves so much, I know I am the most guilty of that.  But then I thought, we should also pray to ask God to open our eyes to how amazing people can be, too.

God loves us so much.  And He sees all of the good and bad.  A lot of times we feel like He only focuses on the bad.  But we know that is not true.  He sees when we care for others.  We sacrifice our time to encourage.  Or when we bring a meal to someone in need.  And He even notices the little things that often times other's do not see.  So all I am saying is maybe we should pay attention more to the goodness people bring and instead of quietly appreciating it in our hearts..... maybe we could be brave and say something.  And I honestly believe that could make a major difference.  Just by putting forth the extra effort. I know this from experiencing it this morning.  Here is what happened:

So.  Life sucks.  I will be completely honest and tell you that every morning is a battle for me.  My heart hurts (emotionally) and it is a struggle to go on with my day.  (Do not be too worried about me, God is faithful and something is coming..... see other previous blog).  I have hope, but sometimes life can get the best of me.  Especially for someone who is a passionate as I am.  Yikes, this is not meant to be whiney.  I apologize if it is.  Anyway.  I woke up. And before even getting out of bed I looked at my phone (don't judge, we all do it).  And there was a text from my Uncle Greg.  He had sent it at 11 pm but I am an old woman and was asleep (again, no judgment please!!!).  He just said he was proud of me and loved me.  Can not even tell you what it meant to me.  Just for him to take time to tell me that.  Nothing I did not already know.  He has been my uncle for 20 years, I know he loves me and has told me he is proud.  But to see that this morning, changed my view.  I was reminded of who I am, that there are those who care and see that what I do has value.  He has no idea what that little text did for me today.

I am not saying we need to put our hope and value in others.  No, that is to be put in God alone.  But don't you think God wants to use us to encourage others????  I absolutely do.  But it is an easy thing to let fall to the waste side.  We should start trying to see people the way God does to encourage them.  I think that could help in ways we never thought possible.  So I am saying here, I am going to try to make it a point to let someone know I sincerely appreciate them at least once a day.  Whether by saying it, texting it, calling, a note, whatever!  But I think it could help make this troubled world a little brighter.  Will you join me????