Monday, May 31, 2010

Start to summer

Well I guess since I am committed to do this thing I better do a new blog. I can not promise this will be a particularly exciting or entertaining. But deal with it.
I have officially been on summer vacation for over a week now. It does not really seem like it though. I got a short term nannying position for 6 weeks for 10 hours a day Sunday through Thursday. Now do not get me wrong, the 2 boys I watch are good little boys, and the family is great. But it takes away most of my time. So I do not believe my summer will really start until July 1st.
But I did get today off. YAY! So what did I do with my day you ask so interestedly? Well, I went to Super Target and dragged my bro along with me. I needed to look for a laptop case. Well ST failed me. No movies, no cute comfy shorts, NO computer case (well cute ones). So we mosied on over to ROSS. And indeed I found come comfy capris for lounging and and nice cami. But still no laptop case. Lamesauce. So what did I do? Came home, got out of my nasty sweaty clothes and went online shopping. Finally I found an adorable one on sale for Memorial day. When it comes I hope to put a picture up.
Anyway the rest of my day was spent searching for scholarships while watching Harry Potter 5 and 6 with Mitchell. Needless to say, no scholarships to be found. And I looked at all my info for when I can apply for a visa. And I will be honest here. Part of me still does not believe I am actually doing this. I do not want to leave my great family, amazing friends, and the security of having people around me I know. But I know this is what I am supposed to be doing. It is still far enough away so I am not melting down yet. Just a little scare. Hopefully, that is the worst it will get.
I have a lot on things on my "To Do" list this summer, but like I said nothing can be done until July. I think that is the Lord telling me to chill out and relax for a bit.
Thank you Lord for reminding me your timing is best.