Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Well a lot of people's reaction to my deciding to leave the country is "WHY?!". Well I am kinda tired of explaining it over and over. And though I know I will still have to do it, I thought it would be a good idea for my own recollection when I am old and thinking back to my grand adventure. So. Why have I decided to up and leave all the people I love:

I started working as a teacher straight out of college, in the same place I grew up. Not that it isn't a great place. But really, a person can only do so much in the West Valley. And for the past few years a feeling of being stuck and/or trapped has been increasing. I loved working with the kids, but I still felt like I was not doing all I could at this point.
Not only that, but everyone I grew up with at school and at my church had married and/or moved away. So it was getting a bit frustrating not having a place where I felt I really belonged. The "singles" group at church was really kids right out of high school about to start college. Not really for me.
God did answer my prayers and brought me some amazing friends. Really I do not know what I would have done without them. The only thing that separated me from them is they ALL had husbands/boyfriends/families of their own. So of course, they could not be available all the time, just as it should be. And for some reason the Lord has decided it is not my time to have someone I can share my entire life with yet. In His time.
Anyway, I was pretty content with this situation most of the time. But now we get to the straw that broke this camel's back. I will try to keep it as PC as possible. In my third year of teaching I realized after this year I could not keep working for the same place I had been at. To keep it as short as possible I was not treated as I should have been. I feel like there was some major prejudice because of my age, and also me being slightly sassy and not hiding my true feelings about things. So needless to say it basically had been awful working in that environment. And let's be honest here, it is not like being a teacher is an easy job in the first place. Then to be used and abused constantly, for me, became unacceptable. It was a personal choice. Others, less emotional and/or sassy find working there perfectly fine. I just prayed about it and looked at my pros and cons and decided it was time to get out of dodge. With no idea where the Lord would take me.
So I got this crazy idea to teach overseas. I still loved teaching children and wanted to do that. And if I am doing this adventure thing, why not do it all the way? (If you truly know me you know that everything in my life is always an extreme. There really is no middle ground for me. This sometimes proves to be a blessing and curse, oh well. Take me as I am or leave me be.) Well God had a different plan and that is another story and now instead of teaching I will be getting my Masters in Education from England, where the program is only 12 months. See, another reason. So basically, main reason is God answering my prayers in a big way to not be stuck or trapped anymore. I am devastated to be leaving my people, but how can I ignore this amazing peace God has given me about doing this?
We shall see what happens on this adventure. I just needed to have an adventure and as so many lovely people have helpfully pointed out: I am young! I am single! I am financially and physically able to do this. So why not?