Saturday, September 18, 2010

Leavin on a jetplane...........

Well here is the start to this England adventure:
My flight was supposed to fly out at 7:25 pm Arizona time. So my family and I got to the airport a little before 5. And thank goodness I did. Waited forever in line to weigh my bags..... a bit nervous the whole time because well I had pushed the limit on how heavy my bags weighed. Well the Lord was on my side and my bags got on, even though they probably should not have. My family walked me to security and I said goodbye and took my 2 carry-ons.
Ummmm here is where the fun starts. My 2 carry-ons: H.E.A.V.Y. I am not sure the weight but I would bet at least 20 pounds each. And I am no strength trainer. So I go through security walking a few feet, dropping the bigger one, picking it up, repeat 40 times. Got through security after getting to try the fancy new body scan and padded down. I think the Sky Harbor people saw how incredibly voluptuous I am and wanted it on camera....Just saying. Walked to my gate, the farthest one, and winded and sweaty from the bags...Whoo!
Everything went smoothly until I got on the plane and found my seat. I had an aisle seat and in the middle behold: Huge mountain man, complete with scraggly beard down to his potbelly. SIGH. At least he didn't smell like he looked. But. He was a talker. SIGH. he immediately starts telling me about how is only flying to London for one day to see his lady love. REALLY!? I do not care about this. Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for her, the girl on his other side was French and could not talk to him. While he kept talking I noticed to middle aged women need to get in the row right behind me. And there was a guy there and he started speaking with a french accent. I saw him get up and he is adorable. Proceed to hear how gentlemanly he is to the women is in his row and they have lovely conversation, not about how much a mountain man loves his dog and his woman. UGH! Just one row off! Oh well.
I did not get too much sleep on the plane because M.M.'s arm kept rubbing on mine and I did not like it. We land. Time for more weight lifting. The delightful French guy helped get my bag down. Everything else went well, except for me being winded again through customs, and to baggage claim. Thank goodness for the little trolley things I can put my bags on were free. U.K. one, U.S.A. none.
I got to Lissa and we got tickets to a bus and waited. I had to get coffee to keep me awake. If Lissa had not been there I do not know what I would have done. 2 50+ bas, plus 2 crazy heavy shoulder bags. The bus driver was delighted with the bags, I even heard him talking to Jesus about our bags.... After the bus, we had to get on the train, then walk a little bit.
We finally got to Lissa's place. It was about 7 pm UK time, 11am AZ time. We ate, I went to bed. YES! Needless to say, my shoulders are KILLing me. But I made it and it could have been worse. Let's do this thing.