Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

Ok my friends. Here is the story. How I got to Bath. Be prepared. It is not for the faint of heart.

I stayed with Lissa for a week in London to visit and get acclimated. I am glad I did it. Lissa was planning on coming with me to Bath to help move me in but circumstances made it so she could not come. That is okay. I am a big girl and can do this alone. I mean it is just riding a bus and getting a key to my flat, right???? HA!

Well, I woke up super early on Saturday because I did not feel well. I thought it was just stress. But it turned out that it was also my "special time". DE.LIGHT.FUL. Now you may not know, but probably do, I tend to get pain and sickness during this time. SIGH. Oh well. Onward we go. Lissa went with me to the bus station. Almost embarrassed my country by being a truly ugly American on the tube by almost losing my breakfast. But thankfully we made it to the station, and I to the bathroom. (I told you this was not pretty, and we just got started).

I hugged Lissa, so thankful for all her help. Gave the bus driver my 2 ginormous bags and gave a look that told him do not argue. So I got on and watched London leave me. I saw a jogger by the Thames River and giggled, while hoping if he was prayer jogging he was keeping his eyes open. And though I still felt gross I was feeling optimistic about my new life. One of the last things I saw on my way out of the city was a poster of Jersey Boys with my Scottish boyfriend on it. I took that as a good sign that we were not done.

Well I got to Bath a few hours later, reading my nook, Sawyer, all the way there. I got out and retrieved my bags. Went to the bus info desk to find out if they could help. The lady said everyone for the University was going to Carpenter House right across the street. But I was skeptical because my email had said go to the University. So I got on the city bus the the University, not quite gracefully with my bags but it happened. I got to the school, asked a guy where to go and he pointed up quite a lot of stairs.....Ummmm sir. Do you NOT see the 2 bags that could possibly be carrying the Von Trapp family in them?! Then my very own Artie from Glee, English version comes rolling up and shows me where the lift (elevator) is. I got to the top and they had walkie-talkied a nice boy to help me with my bags. ..... Long story short, I was in the wrong place. I WAS supposed to go to Carpenter House back in town, right across from the bus station. REALLY?! So they call a taxi and I wait 45 min for him to take me back to town. He gets there and I ask "You are for me?" And he says "Are you Lucy?" No, I am "Lindsay". "I am here for Lucy, for Carpenter House." "Yeah, that is where I am going." "No, but I need Lucy". Oh, my. Well I was about to get quite Unchristianlike. I will change my name to LUCY! Just let me in your dang taxi man! I stared him down and he took me. I got my key and they called another taxi since apparently it is not walkable with my baggage, and my clothes. ;)

I get to Thornbank Gardens where I am staying. It is off campus, but prety close to the center of town. About a mile walk. No biggie. No one is there to show where to go, but I figure it out by my key, just dying and wanting nothing but a shower and to pass out. So I walk in and........no sheets on the bed. No toilet paper. Nothing. I was informed this would be provided. UGH. So I remember they had duvet covers at Carpenter House. So I ask housekeeping and she shows me on a map. Now my friends, you also know I am not the best with directions. But I HAVE to get the bed things. I get kinda lost but somehow make it. I got the covers, realizing it is only the bottom sheet and duvet cover. SO I try the local stores...... NOTHING. It was late and I did not want to walk back in the dark. I made it back to my place. Defeated and sick. I showered. Unpacked and as I was doing that my family's picture fell out. I lost it. Bawled and bawled. Giving up I took my bath robe and heavy jacket as covers and stuffed the pillow case with some sweaters.

One of the worst nights of my life. I was up getting sick every hour. I am sure a mixture of lady issues, stress, heartache and so on. Also, apparently to save on energy they turn the heat off from 11 pm to 5 am..... don't ask, it does not make sense to me either. I was also so sad to not have internet. I just needed someone to talk to. So me and the Lord had a discussion. I told Him I could not do this without Him. Well He did get me through the night. Now, I will save the rest of my story for tomorrow. But I will tell you I got myself a comfy blanket and pillow the next day. Don't worry my friends. It only gets better from here on out. But I do know God is using this time to rely on Him. Though it was a extremely difficult night, I made it through and it did not kill me.