Saturday, October 9, 2010

Heart Don't Fail Me Now, Courage Don't Desert Me

Well I figured I need to update this thing. Especially now that things have changed quite a bit since my last entry.
Things have gotten much better since my first few days here. I went to Orientation (or as they say here Induction) week September 27- October 1. It was nice to meet people in my course. And it struck me as quite odd to find out 90 percent are Chinese girls. Who knew? The best part is they freak out (in a good way) when they find out I am American. Apparently being an American is celebrity status to the Asian community (Kimbasa, what say you to this?). Also, the nice guy that helped with my suitcases that fateful first day is in my course. He is from Spain. He is very nice, so I have a new friend there too. Anyway, I really am enjoying my classes. Shocking, right? But I think being in the "real world" I really am appreciating getting to learn more and not have to work. HAHA! We take it for granted when it is expected and necessary to go to College right after High School. So saying that, and hoping I do not have to eat my words, I think I will do well in this Masters course. My class titles are, you ready...
Monday is Research Methods in Education
Wednesday morning is Understanding Learners and Learning and
Wednesday Afternoon is Globalisation, Education, and Change.... I swear remembering the names is half the battle.
I also have gotten a new job. I was not sure I was going to then this happened and who am I to refuse an opportunity to get some money? I am working in campus at the Student Union Shop. It is easy and I have to admit it is nice to have a job to not be in charge and just show up and take people's money, smile and go home.
Okay, more interesting parts of my life...... I went to church on Sunday. Dad had researched all the churches around and we decided this one would be a good fit. I had gone to the Christian Union meeting at school on Thursday and one of the first people to talk to me gave me a flyer for this church. It was fate... or God really. I enjoyed it and even found some people my age to connect with. I even went out with them last night and had an enjoyable time.

So on the surface and maybe even a little deeper than that, things are going well. But if you know me at all, I am not just a surface person. Yes, everything is going well, I am meeting lots of people and things have fallen into place. But, yes there is always a but. I am missing home quite a bit. I know this is not unusual. And I do not know how people lived without Skype. I got up in the middle of the night this week to chat with people from home. And even though Vanessa does not have a webcam I still chatted away on Gilbert to her and she wrote will I talked. That was fun. So I am thankful for it. But I still a little downhearted. Such a brat, I know. I have it so great. But this is what blogs are for, right? Being honest. And if you care enough to read it, you love me enough to forgive the brattiness. I think the biggest issue I am having is that I missing an entire year of my life from home. I had been feeling it all week and talking with my family and friends it just confirmed this feeling. Some conversations more than others. I had started thinking "What have I gotten myself into? Why did I decide to do this? All I am getting out of this is a silly MA degree. Who wants that? NO ONE" Of course when I prayed and talked to God about this I knew in my heart there is a reason. There always is. I know this. Had not forgotten it. But that does not mean I can't be sad. I love my people at home. Know they love me too. And the true friendships will last a measly year.
But that does not fix the problem that I am still praying for a "kindred spirit" friend over here. If I was honest with you, I would have to admit that the "real" Lindsay has not made an appearance in Bath yet. I have to behave until I make some real friends so not scare them away. Just meaning the sass has been under wraps for the most part. Is that trickery or dishonest? I don't think so. I think it is wise. These English people may not be able to handle all of this quite yet.
All this rambling to say. There has to be an amazing reason I am here.... right?