Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unique Lindsay

Now I have to preface this one. It is a little silly but still I think has a good idea behind in it.
Okay, so I love movies and TV. It is not because I am a couch potato. I also very much enjoy reading books. It is because I love stories about people. I get so involved with the characters and see traits in them I see in myself or friends and enjoy that. Which goes back to me loving people and knowing that it what God has put me on this earth to do. But I digress.

Since I have been here I have found the evenings tend to get quite boring/lonely/long. So I decided I needed a show on the internet to watch. At least until I got friends to go out with at night. So I heard nothing but good things about Ugly Betty from Kim, and every review I saw talked about how funny it was. I do not know why I had never gotten into it before. It seems like a show I would watch. I love an under dog and a girl who who goes against the usual way of life.... anyways, so I decided Ugly Betty was the show to pass the nights.

Fair warning right now. If you have not seen it and plan on it, spoilers are coming so you may not want to read further. Also if you have not seen it, I recommend it.

Well it took about a month living in Bath but I finished all 4 seasons of Ugly Betty (Don't judge, I didn't know anyone for awhile and Gilbert and Betty were my only friends). But as with all good stories I learned something from watching Miss Betty Saurez. Some of them are similarities, other differences. Some funny, others serious..... let's get started.
First of all, I relate to her not being what everyone around her physically looks like or appreciates. Let's be honest. I am a curvy girl, which is sadly not what our American culture always embraces. But I was so impressed with how Betty was still confident in who she was, no matter what others told her. That was something admired in this character and hope to achieve soon.
I do also relate to her and her family atmosphere. She loves her family so much and they would do anything for each other. I feel the same way about my family (including family that happen not to be blood related but are still family).
She had an evil boss that tried to bring Betty down because she was not what was expected. Enough said on that topic.
But about the job as well, Betty felt stuck at the position because it was a great opportunity but not necessarily what she wanted out of her career. I sometimes felt stuck in my position as well. I loved my kids, but sometimes I felt like I should be doing some else or something more. But then..... she worked hard for 4 years, and decides at the end to take a leap and ..... move to London to start over. Ummmm WHAT!? I swear I did not know she did that in the end before starting to watch it. So crazy.
There were also parts with men I did and did not relate too. Obviously it is a show so much more drama then real life but there was one scene that hit me. Betty was dating the good-looking famous guy and it did not work out. And she was emotionally upset but then her fabulous sister Hilda (I love her so much) told her that maybe she was upset because she did not think she was good enough for the guy..... I know I have not had a man in quite a while. And I know the main reason is because I shut the doors to all men because I am scared of getting hurt and do not see myself as good enough. I want that to change.
But anyway, the moral of the story was, Betty did not let anything get her down. She was an amazing friend to a fault sometimes. And she was so positive. I want to be more positive and confident in my own life.

The show ended with her saying goodbye to her family and friends and moving to England to start a new adventure to get what she REALLY wanted out of her career = Lindsay going to Bath to get out of being stuck in AZ. Oh Betty. I heart you.

So I do want to say, I DO understand it is a show with writers, but that does not mean I can't get encouraged and entertained by it. I try to find encouragement wherever I go.

I do not think Betty is ugly, she is unique. Just as I am not ugly, but unique. And she told the world "Take me as I am, or your loss." That is my goal. Embrace my uniqueness and don't look back.