Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Well, I guess I should get back in the habit of writing on my blog regularly. So, although I do not have anything too major to write about, I will update on how getting back to Bath has been.

My travel day was LONG, but pretty uneventful. Slept through a lot of my 10 hour plane ride, maybe 4-5 hours. Then got to Heathrow, got through customs, Praise the Lord!!!!! I was a little worried with my visa issues but everything worked out. Also, the lines, at security, bag check, customs, and everything else was no more than 5 minutes. Awesome. So I got on the bus and got to Bath at about 8:30 pm UK time on Tuesday the 1st. But not after the bus driver chatted me up and blatantly hit on me (I mean really? I have just traveled all day, and barely slept.... hilarious). I showered, at some food my dear friend, Lizzie had left me, watched Chuck and tried to sleep since I was EXHAUSTED. Well, failure. This getting back on England time has been a beast. Up in the middle of the night STARVING, and exhausted by 5 pm. And then no one was around because it was break week and everyone was out of town. So it was hard to find things to do and get motivated to do anything. The only thing I had to do was finish my 3rd paper = gross. So I worked on that, but also mostly watched the great Boy Meets World when my tired brain could handle only vegging out. I got through 2 seasons.... I turned in my paper on Sunday.
The next day I started classes again and and was the only student to show up..... Apparently there are 3 of us and the other 2 didn't make it, but should next week. I see good and bad here. Better because I get more attention from the tutor and can get more feedback with my assignments, but also, I have to be ON in class and make sure I get everything done..... Yikes. Oh well. My second class on Tuesday was fine, more people. But I have not seen too many of my friends yet. It is getting quite lonely.
I won't lie. I am sure it has a lot to do with jet-lag, not getting real sleep, and being alone, but my emotions were a little down those first days back. I have gotten better now, but still am a bit sad. I was so excited to get back to Bath and start this adventure, and then I get here and my heart is sad. I am so fickle. SIGH. I am hoping that when I get to see my friends again things will get better.
I am such a social person, and love people. But again, I realize and reminded myself that this adventure started out with me and God and He will always be here. Things will get better. They aren't bad now. Nothing compared to the first time I came. But I do miss my people and still can't comprehend not seeing most of them till September. But I am still excited to see how things will change by then.
I am still thinking "Let's do thing!" I can't forget that.