Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Look Back

Well, I have not written for a couple of weeks so I guess it is time for a new one. I probably should be working on essays that are due soon but...... eh, no thanks. I was trying to figure out what I should write about today.... but I could not think of a specific topic. So I decided to re-read all of my blogs just to see what kind of growth I have had and update from there.
Well, after reading them I am very much encouraged. Although it is not always obvious to me, I think I have grown while here. Whether that be spiritually, emotionally, maturity, etc. (Just hopefully have not grown physically HA!). 7 months ago I was lost and frustrated and angry. Not saying I am not lost now. Concerning what to do next I am still there, but I am not as frustrated and angry about it. Not to say I have my days when I wish I had a guidebook.
But I do think, as arrogant as it might sound to some, I have grown. It was a good reminder to go back and read those and remember where I started. I do not cry myself to sleep every night anymore. I do not get hurt as easily when my friends can not talk to me on Skype. I am not worried about what is to come. I am more confident in who I am as a person. Amazingly, it is not nearly as often that I get lonely for a significant other. And best of all, though I am still walking this long path, I feel like my faith has gotten a bit stronger. I have a million more miles to go, but one day at a time. The Lord has allowed me to see the picture in a bigger way. There have been some recent developments in my life here that have reminded me that my time on this earth is to serve the Lord, and I am blessed He is allowing me to do just that.
I know a lot of this sounds like the uber cliche Christian (which sometimes is a pet peeve of mine) but it cannot be denied when it is so true and obvious.
This post may not be very fun or interesting to most, but it is mostly for me to remember when things get tough. I am thankful and grateful to be able to see what God is doing. I know I will still struggle and have off days, but, my goodness, I am amazed at what has God has done in my life since coming to Bath.
I do not know what the future has. And there is still peace in my heart. Thank yo to those that have stuck by me thus far and have been apart of my journey. No matter what happens from here on, I know coming to England was right and more than worth it.