Sunday, November 6, 2011


I just re-read my last post. And I wanted to follow up on it after some thinking. I still feel the same way. But want to clarify and have decided something. I am still afraid of failing, not just at my MA or job, or whatever, but everything. I have always been that way. I do not handle failure as well as I would hope. It is a learning process. Part of that is trying new things, I think.
If I am to get over this fear, I have to keep moving forward, rather than stay still and never get over things.
With that, I think I am going to try new things. Not sure yet what they will be but I have a few ideas. Not like I haven't done it before (I moved to England on my own). But I mean considering making some major changes in my life here. Do not think I will get into too much detail yet. But it is time to stop being stagnant while here.
I think when I was in England is was easy to take risks because it was ALL new and strange. But when I am home, I get comfortable and I can't let myself get into that, or I will get frustrated again because I will feel stuck. So I am going to start expanding in my life. Not my actual physical self. That is NOT a goal I have. I hope in a few months I can come back and read this entry and be proud I actually made a few changes at least. The areas may be in my spiritual and social life, career, physical life, and who knows what else.
I am sharing all this on my blog because if anyone has suggestions or ideas for new things I could try, I am all ears. Also, because I want to actually write it down. We will see. Even if nothing changes, I want to try to expand my life and from that learn. We shall see.