Sunday, August 12, 2012


Now, it has been SOOOOO very long since I have written a blog.  There are many reasons for that.  But it is mostly because I started the blog for while I was in England and was not able to talk to everyone at home about what was going on.  And a blog was the easiest way to do that.  Also, I thought in comparison to my time abroad my life would seem pretty boring to write or read about.  But, I was thinking about it, and that is not true at all.

I realized that this week it has been a year since I came home from England.  Kinda funny it synced up with the Olympics in London ending, too.  (Not that I watched, really.  Don't judge.  I am not a sports fan.)  Marking the year home, I got a bit sentimental missing England..... not a small part of that being the weather.  This girl is definitely over the 112 degree weather.  But I digress.  Thinking about this past year I would be remiss not to write about it.  I am so thankful for has happened in my life this past year.

One of the things I am so truly thankful for is where God has put me to be teaching, and not just because of the job itself. I started later in the school year in Kindergarten last year in a different district than I had previously worked.  I will be incredibly honest and say when I met my new team I was a bit wary that I would fit in.  They are quite a bit more fancy than I consider myself.  But, oh my, that was untrue.  They accepted me, quirks and all and have helped me own myself.  And at the end of last year I was still considering a move, still having a bit of the travel bug.  But after much prayer I really felt God wanted me to stay at least one more year.  And I am so glad I did.  I absolutely love my team of Kindergarten teachers.  They truly love me and encourage me in my teaching.  I was a bit unsure of myself as a teacher and they have helped me see that that was wrong.  I am so thankful.  (Don't get me wrong, I miss my other teacher friends from my previous school dearly; I was not ready to learn this lesson until I came there).  They will never know what their love and friendship has done for me this past year.  Which brings me to my next thought.

Another way I am so thankful is God did not give up on me in the way of how I view myself.  I have grown so much in confidence.  I think going off on my own in a different country and having to only rely on God with no other option forced me to re-examine some things in my life.  For example, just because I am now 27 and still single does not mean there is something direly wrong with me.  Even though there are some ignorant people out there that like to make comments that get to me sometimes, I have to remember they are silly, and it does not truly matter what they think.  I am thankful I can do many thinkgs that non-singles can do.  Now, of course, someday I hope to have a partner in life, but for now, might as well enjoy it, right?  I am not perfect in this area of just letting God be the only one that matters in everything, but I have gotten better.  I try not to let other hurt me by their opinions and views towards me.  And for that I am thankful.

Next, my family.  I have a wonderful family.  All my fabulous grandparents are still living and in good health.  Not many people can say that at my age.  My family loves me and would do anything for me.  But I am sure you already knew that.  I am thankful.

All of these things in there own way have made me a better person by making me more thankful.  I am confident as a teacher  and a person.  I have a wonderful family  I am proud of who I am in the Lord.  He is truly blessed me.  Now I will say, life has not been perfect.  I have had difficult times this year.  But the Lord has used those to grow me as well.  He is amazing and I am so thankful.