Friday, March 14, 2014


Hi there,
I know I have been MIA from the blog world lately.  There are many reasons for it.  Of which I will not share with you at the moment.  Either because I am not ready to share what has been going on, it is not my place to share, or it is not interesting.
Either way.  I want everyone to know, I am still here.  Still wanting to write.  But right now, I do not have anything ready to be written.  God is doing a lot in my life.  SO MUCH.  And it is not the most easy road.  I wake everyday to try and focus on trusting in Him.
I am choosing to believe something big (and good) is coming.  I have come too far in my walk with God to turn back now.
I want you all to know.  I love you all.  Thank you for those you have been there for me.  I am asking for one more favor.  If you have a moment, I would not mind your prayers.  To stay focused on God, and keep trusting Him.  You all are in my prayers, as well.  Anything specific?  I would love to hear about it.