Sunday, June 29, 2014

My New Hero: The Persistent Widow

As shocking as it sounds, a little while ago, while doing my devotions I came across a parable that I did not remember ever hearing before.  Crazy, I know.  I mean, this is the girl that grew up in what I lovingly call the "Christian Mafia" (there are A LOT of people in my family involved in the ministry). I grew up going to church every Sunday, involved in youth group, went on all the missions trips.  I went to a Bible College.  Yet, this one seemed to pass by me my whole life and not make a mark in my mind.  Granted, it is only 8 verses long.  But man, it hit my hard.  And has given me indescribable hope in the darkest moments.  So, I wanted to share.

It is found in the book of Luke.  Chapter 18, verses 1-8.  It is called the Persistent Widow.  Go read it.  Seriously.  Just open a new tab, type in the reference and read it.  I will wait...... Ok.  Done?


Okay, maybe it  does not hit you like it did me.  And I am not here to preach a sermon about it.  I am not one of the Preaching Engrams as aforementioned.  Definitely not my spiritual gift.  But you know what is?  Mercy and prayer.  But more on that in a bit.  

Here is the point of this.  This widow is my hero.  She does not give up on asking what she wants.  I am sure it was not easy for her to get up and go EVERY SINGLE DAY to go plead her wishes with a mean, old judge.  She does not care if she is a bother, or annoying.  Does not matter.  She is too focused on pleading her case. No matter what the cost.   

Man.  There have been so many points in my journey I have wanted to give up and not deal with the pain anymore.  Give up asking.  Give up on God.  Walk away.  All of it.  But then I read this.  And it even says in the first verse that He is telling this to show His disciples to always pray and not give up.  And this widow was talking to an unfair, jerkface judge.  I talk to my loving God in Heaven.  Who wants to give me the desires of my heart.  He wants me to share with Him.

So I do.  Everyday.  ALL day.  Even though, I sometimes (more often than I should admit) feel like He is not listening.  Does not matter.  When I feel there is no use.  Or that there really is no point.  I remember this parable.  He wants to hear from me.  Even if it is the same things I pray for day in and day out.  I have learned I love praying.  I am a talker and I use it to talk to Jesus.  I admit I am still learning the skill of listening too, but that is for another day.      

So even if you feel like God is not listening.  Or it is not worth it to keep praying to God over the same thing.  It is.  Jesus said so himself.  Prayer changes things.  I believe that truth with my entire being.   

Which brings me to my last thought.  I would LOVE to pray for you.  Please.  It is an honor and a blessing.  Text, call, private message.  And if you every think of it, I would not mind prayers too (for wisdom, family healing, new job, burden for my friends).  God wants to hear all of it.  And as brothers and sisters in Christ, this is one way we can be there for each other and bring glory to God.