Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Be the Miracle

I talk a lot about miracles in this blog.  And to be perfectly honest, there are even more miracles I am praying for these days then when I started writing again.  My heart is heavier than it ever has been.  But my outlook has changed.  I am still praying all day and every day for those miracles.  But I also realized God does not only perform miracles in a showy manner.  He uses us, His children to be there for each other.  And not only that.  Even more so, when we allow each other in out lives to be there for each other, we are the miracle our friends did not know they wanted.  Let me explain.

I will start with the simpler one.  We live in a terrible world.  It is painful.  Frustrating.  Lonely.  Confusing.  And so we pray.  But in the dark times we push others away.  I am severely guilty of this.  We are embarrassed to show emotions.  Or do not want to "burden" others.  Or it just hurts to be around others.  But that is not how God made us.  We all know that.

So here is my challenge.  Yup, I am going to say it.  I may regret it later. But, oh well.  When friends are going through awful situations, we tend to back off.  Not wanting to push or offend.  Say the simple "Let me know if you need anything".  And we mean it when we say it.  But here is the thing.  I have often found that hurting people do not reach out.  They are striving just to make it through the day.  So DO something.  Even if it is uncomfortable.  Write a note.  Send a gift.  Call and leave a message.  Let them know you are ACTUALLY thinking about them and there for them.  I am not saying show up 24 hours a day.  But words only have meaning when there is action behind them.  If the hurt one does not want to talk, don't.  If they send you away, go, but don't give up.  Try again another day.  That is why God gave us the Holy Spirit.  To listen and be His hands and feet to those around us.  Jesus would not sit around waiting and we all know it.  Be brave.

Secondly, the other side of the coin.  Let people help when you are hurt.  This is not just for you.  We, as a people, need to be needed.  We long to minister to others.  But our culture makes it seem weak to need others.  But it just isn't true.  And when you let others help, not only is your burdened lifted, but they are blessed.  And not only blessed, it gives the priceless gift of realizing they have worth.

I, personally, have also struggled with this one.  More than I realized.  I have been struggling, feeling that I am useless to those around me.  I offer to help.  No one accepts.  I want to be a friend.  To listen.  To help.  It is part of why I am in so much pain.  I am not saying I am some saint, trying to do good deeds for others all day.  I am admitting that it hurts that no one seems to need me.  And I know that is not true.  But we all go back to not wanting to be a burden, when it is the opposite that is true.

I think we all need to swallow our pride and ask for help.  And actually give it.  It is in times like that when God performs miracles.  People are healed.  The world sees Jesus in us.  And isn't that the whole point?  So be a miracle.  Help and be helped.