Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Epically Sucks

No one said this road was going to be easy.  Quite the opposite.  But still, foolishly, I thought when I finally put into motion getting help for my depression things would get slightly better. Unfortunately, things have gone the other way.  If anything, my heart has gotten heavier and facing the day is harder.  I am sure starting back at work and the stress of that does not help.  But still.  This epically sucks.

I need prayer.  It is really the only reason I am writing this.  To be frank, I am angry and hurt at God.  And am having a very difficult time speaking with Him.  So maybe my friends and family can do it on my behalf.  Hopefully He will listen and move somehow.

Right now, my heart is in a shambles.  I cry all the time.  Know if you feel that way.  You are not alone.

And I am not giving up.  Even though the doubt of ever feeling better is much stronger than the hope.  There really is no other option than to keep moving forward.